Making Healthcare Website Design More Delightful: Bass Dentistry

Are There Strategies for Healthcare Website Design?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind about healthcare web design? Do you think it’s wise for a clinic or hospital to showcase pictures of shabby furniture, dark hallways, and uninviting staff? 

That’s no way to increase your lead generation and long-term clientele.

This is where the importance of a high-quality healthcare website comes into play. It’s your first impression of this potential patient—your office isn't. The Molo Group gives healthcare professionals like Bass Dentistry the ability to stand out through intentional SEO strategy and well-executed web design.


Steps for a Successful Healthcare Site

Just as each business holds unique qualities, every website design should consider that specific business’s brand and personality, especially with a healthcare website. Bass Dentistry, located in Gastonia, NC, is patient-centered and focused on providing compassionate family and cosmetic dental services. We sought to reflect these aspects in a welcoming, up-to-date site design that encouraged website visitors to make the next step: book an appointment. 

Our personalized, strategic, and human-centric redesign strategy revolved around:

    1. A homepage refresh, forming strong B2C first impressions.
    2. Client testimonials through strategic image placement, causing the user to think, “I could have that, too!”
    3. Lead generation through relevant photos for the targeted audience.
    4. Color theory to evoke thoughts of cleanliness, success, and consistency.  
    5. UX/UI design to encourage a smooth sales funnel process and seamless search engine optimization (SEO).
Next, we took these strategies and integrated them specifically for a healthcare website design project. 

Clean and Simple, Like a Dental Clinic

Navigation must be clean and simple when patients visit the Bass Dentistry website. Our main goal was to get their online message to match the experience their patients feel when visiting the dental office. We visually conveyed this message to digital visitors by incorporating clear, professional-grade images and illustrations on the homepage and throughout the website, enticing potential leads to explore further. 

We recognized that pleasant and successful medical clinics are bright, sparkling white, and pristinely clean. To reflect this, we kept Bass's website bright, open, and professional to make users envision strong, white, and healthy smiles. We addressed the question of ‘who is this service for?’ by incorporating photos on Bass's site that catered to their target audiences. Since they’re a unique clinic providing various services to people of all ages, they needed a unique way to showcase this to users. 

Our team of digital experts took our client’s healthcare website images one step further by optimizing the alt text. Updated alt text makes the site user-friendly, ensures accessibility, and improves SEO and SERPs, driving clientele and helping to get found digitally. While user experience and branding are a main part of digital marketing, they are especially important for healthcare companies. 

Crafting the Online Patient Journey

We took their vibrant slogan, “Making Dental Care More Delightful,” to the next level by incorporating it into all website aspects. Our design team incorporated light, uplifting illustrations of teeth, weaving Bass’s branding into a narrative that feels more like an invitation than a clinical service. This design aimed to create a warm and positive atmosphere that visitors almost forget they're browsing a dental office's site. Each element, from the cheerful visuals to the friendly tone of the content, reflects Bass's commitment to turning dental visits into enjoyable experiences.

Additionally, our team knew that online users wouldn’t want to waste time digging through the nooks and crannies of a website. We provided clear, easy pathways for booking appointments, understanding services, and exploring dental health resources. Simple design fixes, such as using tabs for services and new patients, help with the user experience and search engine optimization.

By aligning the digital environment with the physical warmth of the clinic, we ensured a cohesive and reassuring patient journey, reinforcing the trust and comfort that define the Bass Dentistry experience from start to finish.

After implementing our efforts, Bass's website had 15%-25% more new visitors monthly, especially on the New Patient page, and 14.7% more returning visitors. The website bounce rates decreased by 16.7%, meaning Bass's visitors spent more time consuming content and information on each page. This resulting ROI made this website design a big win for our client.


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A Website that Mirrors the
Office Experience

In healthcare, a practice’s website design can make or break their efforts in lead generation and forming client relationships. The challenge of designing Bass Dentistry’s site was more than conveying a clean, simple design–it was about bringing the ethos of “Making Dental Care More Delightful” to life to resonate with their target audiences, captivate attention, and get them to explore more. By creating the online space to be as warm and inviting as the staff themselves, potential patients felt engaged and comfortable from their first digital interaction, encouraging them to step through the office doors without hesitation.


As a website design and digital marketing agency working with many industries, we love getting our hands dirty with site design, branding, and SEO. After planning Bass's healthcare website, they saw substantially more new patients contacting and booking appointments through their online platform.

Ready to strategize about your website design to turn first impressions into lasting customer relationships?


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