Crafting Authenticity: Dagostino Pasta's Innovative Packaging Design

Marrying Sicilian Heritage with New Orleans Charm: A Packaging Transformation

While Dagostino Pasta has been celebrated for its deep-rooted history and handcrafted semolina pasta since 1926, its packaging has remained largely unchanged, reflecting an older era. As the brand sought to broaden its market presence, there was a clear need to rejuvenate its packaging—without losing its traditional essence.

Our vision was to turn each pasta box into an embodiment of Dagostino’s story. By merging elements from both Sicilian and New Orleans cultures, we aimed to make each pasta box a piece of art, providing consumers with both a product and an experience.

Infusing Legacy and Craftsmanship into Packaging

Our first task was to understand the depth of Dagostino's tradition. We wanted the packaging to be not just visually appealing but also narratively compelling, evoking feelings of nostalgia and authenticity. While Dagostino Pasta had a storied history, the brand faced the challenge of evolving its packaging design to cater to contemporary consumers without erasing its rich heritage. Traditional aesthetics needed a modern twist, ensuring the packaging became an extension of the brand's narrative. 

Through our award-winning packaging design approach, we elevated every detail, from the choice of typography to the pasta-specific illustrations, ensuring that the pasta box wasn't just a container but an invitation. We aimed to make every unboxing experience feel like unfolding a chapter from a Sicilian-Creole culinary tale, instilling a sense of authenticity and craft at every glance.


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From Old World Charm to Contemporary Elegance

As a result of our award-winning design, each Dagostino Pasta package now stands as a testament to time—echoing the richness of its past while enticing contemporary consumers with a fresh, modern allure. The balance of tradition and modernity ensures that every unboxing is an invitation to a Sicilian-New Orleans culinary fusion waiting to be explored and savored.

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