Bringing Value Into Focus: Leveraging SEO for Kim Brattain Media

Navigating the Awareness Gap

Our client, Kim Brattain Media, is an award-winning corporate video production company based in Charlotte, NC. Founded in 2008 by Kim Brattain, the company specializes in creating compelling videos for various industries, including architecture, law, and education.

The team at Kim Brattain Media generated exciting concepts for their online content marketing, but the copy needed to be optimized for search engines. Without proper search engine optimization (SEO), potential customers may have overlooked the company's services. A lack of optimized content may have also led to missed leads and lost business. 

Another growth area we identified was the need for more case studies on the site. Case studies have become increasingly important in digital marketing to showcase expertise and attract new clients. Prospective leads may not have moved past the "awareness" stage due to uncertainty regarding Kim Brattain Media’s value proposition. 


Enhancing Online Awareness Through SEO Strategies

Our team at The Molo Group devised a comprehensive search engine optimization solution to address these concerns. First, our team optimized Kim Brattain Media's content marketing copy to be search engine-friendly and easily discoverable. Then, we published six case studies highlighting past successful projects to build credibility and clarify Kim Brattain Media’s differentiators.

The following month, Kim Brattain Media saw a 12% increase in new users and a 21% jump in engaged sessions. Engagement time on the site’s “Get Started” page jumped by 575%, and the domain ranked two places higher (#2 overall) for the target keyword “video production company.”

Eight weeks out, the site’s average click-through rate (CTR) was up nearly 11% and impressions for a researched industry-specific targeted keyword skyrocketed by 3100%.

During the same two-month timeframe, a leading competitor invested in paid keywords instead and experienced a nearly 9% decrease in visibility, fell by 185.55 in estimated traffic, and saw a -6 change in average position ranking. This competitor only netted 7 new keywords in this period despite paying for 236 keyword ranking positions.

The data confirms what we've long believed: a robust search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can outperform the results of paid keywords from competitors. This success story with KBM showcases the significant impact of optimizing for organic traffic. It demonstrates that investing in on-page keyword improvement is crucial before considering the expense of Google advertising. This approach not only enhances performance but also preserves your bottom line.


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SEO-Driven Competitive Edge

At The Molo Group, search engine optimization (SEO) isn't just a service; it's a pivotal strategy that drives success. When we partnered with Kim Brattain Media, we didn't just tweak their online content; we transformed it.

We significantly elevated their visibility in search engine results by integrating targeted keywords, crafting compelling case studies, and optimizing their digital footprint. This strategic approach improved their online ranking and positioned them as a leader in their industry.

Our team of digital marketing experts is dedicated to crafting tailored strategies to increase your online presence and establish your brand as a formidable player in your market. With a focus on long-term, sustainable results, we are committed to helping you navigate the digital landscape effectively. 

Ready to see your brand climb the search rankings and outshine competitors? Let’s talk. Book a discovery call with us today and start your journey toward digital excellence.


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