Standout Tradeshow Booth Design: Velocity's Distinctive Showcase

Tackling the Challenge: Distinguishing Velocity’s Booth Design in a Sea of 2,100 Exhibitors

Velocity Electronics, a leading player in the electronics industry, faced a daunting challenge—standing out in electronica 2022, a massive trade fair with over 2,100 exhibitors. With the vision of turning their trade show booth design into a welcoming oasis amidst the bustling event, we were up for the challenge.

Our solution was an immersive, two-level custom booth that masterfully blended practicality with engaging aesthetics. We designed an inviting space that commanded attention with a welcome desk, bar, meeting rooms, video screens, and comfortable waiting areas. Key performance indicators were the significant attention the custom booth attracted and the partnerships forged during the event.

Relax, We've Got You: The Journey Towards a Relaxing Oasis

The mission was clear: make Velocity stand out and offer a much-needed break to the stressed attendees of electronica 2022. To that end, we designed a three-dimensional booth that incorporated Velocity's signature arrow logo and brand colors for effective way-finding, ensuring guests could easily navigate to the space. 

"Relax, We've Got You" was initially inspired by the idea that amid supply chain uncertainty, Velocity would still find ways to take care of its customers and navigate supply challenges. This concept design turned the booth into more than just a typical trade show display; it became a sanctuary symbolizing Velocity's commitment to helping its partners navigate supply chain issues.

In addition to the booth, We designed a relaxation-themed ad and a Velocity Electronics mockup cover for Electronic Sourcing magazine, Special Edition electronica 2022. The booth design concept and our accompanying media graphic designs attracted significant attention, further solidifying Velocity's brand presence among the sea of exhibitors. 

We made all of this happen in collaboration with architects from Cook & Associates, one of the best groups in the business, who helped make this project even more enjoyable. Working together, we made the creative booth come alive – a truly rewarding experience for us and our clients.

Receiving an Indigo Design Award and a Graphic Design USA award for our trade show booth design graphics serves as a testament to our unique and effective approach. These accolades reaffirm our commitment to creativity and innovation and highlight the successful partnership between The Molo Group and Velocity Electronics. These awards are proof of our ability to transform a brief into a compelling visual narrative that stands out, makes an impact, and resonates with the audience.


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Delivering a Booth Design as a Powerful Message for Velocity Electronics

We at The Molo Group begin every project by assessing who our clients are and what makes them stand out. When approaching this project for Velocity, we wanted something big and bold that would communicate to others what we knew to be true: Velocity Electronics is at the forefront of creativity, innovation, and the customer experience. 

Telling the brand’s story through an immersive booth was an opportunity for them (and for us) to showcase the experience Velocity works hard to create for their clients. Namely, Velocity customers can “relax” and expect the best from their partnership. 

We are a people-first marketing agency whose goal is to offer exceptional service while building lasting relationships. Together we will optimize your brand’s story and create a strategy to elevate your profile and communicate your unique identity. We would love to collaborate with you, from conceptualizing innovative trade booths to redesigning product packaging (and everything in between!).

After all, as we first said: Relax. We’ve got you!


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