Revamping Google Ads Campaigns for Houston Plastic Products

Is It Important for a Business to Improve its Google Ads Performance?

Our client, Houston Plastic Products (HPP), is a sustainable plastic injection molding production leader. 
Their expertise lies in overseeing the complete manufacturing process to create customized, top-tier components designed for the medical, energy, automation, and consumer industries.

As digital marketing changed, HPP faced challenges in improving its online presence and aligning ad spending with its business goals. The Molo Group, with Matt Brodie's help, stepped in to enhance HPP's Google Ads strategy, recognizing the need for a strategic digital transformation. 

This initiative aimed to achieve several objectives: improve quality scores, increase organic traffic, lower costs per click (CPC), and showcase HPP as a leader in the plastics industry. 

Let's answer the question, "Is it important for a business to improve its Google Ads performance?" as we delve into the journey of crafting success with HPP's transformation to improve Google Ads performance.

Setting Goals for Cost Per Click and Organic Traffic Improvements

Before diving into strategy, we comprehensively analyzed HPP's previous Google Ad campaigns and focused on collaborative goal setting. We identified critical areas for improvement and growth opportunities and laid the foundation for a targeted strategy.

Our approach focused on optimizing every aspect of HPP's Google Ads campaign, including:

  • Keyword Optimization: We refined keywords to increase relevance, ensuring the ads attracted high-quality traffic
  • Ad Content and Design: Adjustments were made to enhance engagement and click-through rates, compellingly presenting HPP's offerings
  • Targeting and Retargeting: Strategic audience targeting and retargeting ensured ad positioning to reach the right audience, maximizing effectiveness
  • Organic Search Enhancement: Techniques were employed to harmonize organic search results with paid ads, providing a holistic digital presence
  • New Web Pages for Key Services and Industries: Demonstrating market leadership, authority, and expertise

The result was remarkable.

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A Strategic Shift to Enhanced Visibility

Through our strategic approach, we played a pivotal role in HPP's digital marketing performance. Some key performance indicators (KPIs) include: 

  • Increase in Organic Traffic: HPP experienced a 20% boost in organic traffic in just 30 days, strengthening its overall digital presence
  • Outstanding CTR Generated: Out of 144K total Google Ads impressions for the year, the click-through rate was an impressive 7.43% compared to the industrial industry benchmark of 5.57%
  • CPC Reduction: Average cost-per-click for the campaign considerably decreased to only $3.45 compared to the industrial industry benchmark of $4.35
  • Increased Lead Submissions: Our cost per conversion decreased from $139 to $84 in one month, and we generated 345 total leads at an average cost per lead of $107 for the year, approximately 15% of the average cost per lead for the B2B manufacturing sector

At The Molo Group, we do more than optimize Google Ads campaigns once. Our methodology involves ongoing optimization for clients. We work together, set goals, research the market and audience, and monitor our campaigns to make changes when necessary. This commitment to collaboration, analysis, and adaptability forms the cornerstone of our successful campaigns.


Ready to transform your digital presence and learn how to improve Google ad strength? Whether you seek increased visibility, reduced costs, or enhanced engagement, The Molo Group is your strategic partner for success

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